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About Us - Kefalonia Web Design and Hosting
With 25 years experience in Web Design, Internet Hosting and Consultancy we are pleased to offer businesses in Kefalonia a unique all-inclusive package:
* Website design and construction
* Unlimited email addresses for your domain and domain name registration.
* A choice of a .com or .co.uk domain name (subject to availability)
* Hosting of your new website on our superfast and secure servers in UK datacentres
* Search engine registration
* Search engine optimisation

We have over 10 years experience in hospitality alone, we have designed websites for clients offering accommodation in France, UK and Switzerland and now available for clients in Kefalonia. Also for many industry sector including restaurants, shipping and education, Small business websites including full e-commerce, reservation and booking systems, table reservations, estate agents property databases. See Our Packages

In the UK we're based in Kent, Kent Web Design and hosting: www.kent-web-design.com

Kefalonia Web Design and Hosting
Kefalonia Web Design and Hosting